As we are now a month in to the first quarter, we are hearing from most of our publishers that
they need more revenue. CPMs are down, fill rates are down and the questions pubs ask is how
we can drive more revenue without adding more ad units to the page or bringing on more
resellers with their extensive lines of ads.txt, code on page, etc.

Fortunately, NoBid has a solution.

Advertisers are more and more requiring the ads they buy to be both viewable and green.
To meet this specific demand, NoBid is partnering with Duration Media to offer a new revenue
ad tech solution called Sequency™ which does NOT require lines of ads.txt or code on page.

How Does Sequency™ Work for Publishers?

With a quick, one time set up in GAM, Sequency™ will curate 48-61% incremental ad
impressions that are all viewable and GREEN. As an example, if a publisher generates
100,000,000 impressions per month, Sequency™ will curate, in real-time, an additional
48,000,000 to 61,000,000 viewable and green impressions that can be sold as a Viewable
Green PMP; used for Direct Demand; or to fulfill promised value add/bonus impressions.
The GAM set-up is accomplished by downloading a creative template and can be implemented
in less than 5 minutes manually, or as Duration Media is a Google Certified Publisher Partner, in
an automated way using a Service Account.

Once set up publishers targeted creatives are wrapped with the Sequency™ ad tech that will
enable the curation of these highly viewable and green ads that can be used, as described
above, in three ways: packaged as a Viewable Green PMP; sold to Direct Demand or used for
bonus impressions or value add.

How Are These Incremental Ads Green?

According to Jounce Media there are on average 135 Bid Requests for each auction. That is
where most of the data waste is created. After the first ad is delivered to your site, Sequency™
will measure the percentage of pixels in view and time in view that you designate. As an
example, you might set Sequency™ to 90% of the pixels in view for 15 seconds.
After that KPI is met, Sequency™ will ping GAM where the decision could be made to call the
preferred SSP to execute the Viewable Green PMP. This is just one call to the SSP who will call
the preferred DSP…taking 135 bid requests down to one…substantially removing the data
waste from the multiple and duplicated bid requests.
There is No Cost to a publisher to implement Sequency™ in your GAM and once installed a
publisher can use the incremental viewable and green impressions as they see fit.

Sequency™ also enables Pubs to now offer a Green Media solution to respond to RFIs from
agencies requesting a sustainability solution.


Publishers pay a $.30 cpm only on the incremental impressions delivered.

NoBid is pleased to offer this unique sustainability ad tech solution to our publishers that will
curate substantial and more valuable ad impressions that buyers desire to purchase.